Disinfectant Spray

Namika Disinfectant Spray contains 75% alcohol. Namika Disinfectant Alcohol Spray is a professional disinfectant spray supplier in China. 

This long-acting surface disinfectant solution is a daily as well as an emergency method to protect homes, jobs, cars, or any surface. Our disinfectant cleaning solution Kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, etc. And it could be used against SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19 and has been used in wild applications of disinfectant in China already. Use the most durable and efficient disinfectants and surface disinfectants to prevent bacteria from growing on the surface you touch every day! 

Due to the special design of the spray nozzle, this disinfectant spray can be easily applied to the surface disinfection of objects in hospitals, public places, household environments, shopping malls, companies as well as air conditioners, etc. The nozzle comes with a rotary lock, which is convenient and safe.

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Precautions for the use of 75% alcohol disinfectant

1. Alcohol is highly flammable. The flash point of 75% ethanol is about 22 degrees Celsius, and its fire hazard belongs to Class A. Therefore, during the disinfection process with 75% alcohol disinfectant, disinfectant sanitizer spray is prohibited indoors, while the wiping method should be used for disinfection and leakage should be avoided during the disinfection process. The concentration in the air should not exceed 3% so as to prevent fire, and please keep ventilation for a period of time after disinfection.

2. When using 75 alcohol sanitizer for disinfection, avoid heat sources such as cigarette butts, open flames, and electric irons.

3. When disinfecting facilities and equipment, power-on equipment must be cut off before disinfection, and after disinfection, leave it for more than ten minutes for power-on use.

4. If alcohol catches fire during use, use dry powder, carbon dioxide, and sand to cover.

5. Because 75% alcohol disinfectant (as a kind of sanitizer solution) is flammable and explosive, it is not allowed to be carried on occasions such as subway travel, or high-speed rail.

Precautions for storage of 75% alcohol disinfectant

1. Where the 75% alcohol disinfectant is stored should be ventilated, the ambient temperature should not be too high, and there should be no open flames. At the same time, in order to prevent accidents, the place where 75% alcohol disinfectant is stored should be equipped with fire extinguishing products, and it should be stored separately from some easily confused amines, acids, etc.

2. When sub-packaging the 75% alcohol disinfectant in a tank, it should be well-ventilated for the environment, and the operator needs to have specific knowledge to prevent static electricity from accumulating, etc.

3. When storing and managing the 75% alcohol disinfectant in bulk, untrained personnel should not take it at will, and the storage area should be kept away from open flames.